Madison’s Nursery

Okay! We FINALLY have most of the nursery done 🙂 there are only a few little things we need to change/fix/add. I’ve been dying to share what Maddie’s room looks like and can’t wait on the extra few little picture frames/decor I want to buy. So here it is! 🙂


The grand entrance 😉


I just added scrapbook paper to all three of these. The little plaques are from Hobby Lobby and I believe they were about $1 each. The decals are from a set that matches the crib bedding.


The crib!! We love this crib because for one, it’s freaking darling, and two, it has little roses on the sides (Brian’s/my soon-to-be last name is Rose).


Don’t you just love those happy little owls? I do :’)

I got the M and the frame from Hobby Lobby as well! I can’t recall how much each of them cost me, but I’m pretty sure they were both under $5. The frame wasn’t painted when I got it, it was just plain wood so I painted it white to match the crib, and I have been obsessed with chevron so I grabbed a small Martha Stewart glitter paint from the $1 scrapbooking section at Walmart and went to work. 🙂


Close up!


Look at all those happy little owls. I can’t stand it.



Curtain to match!



These and the decals came with the bedding.


My mammy is letting me borrow an old rocking chair she has. I’m in love with it.. it’s very comfy. I hang out in the nursery sometimes just to rock in the rocking chair 🙂


Owl freak ❤





My favorite owl in the nursery is this little red guy. He is so sweet looking.


Changing table with some owlies under their little flower dome. Brian did this and I thought it was so cute haha.

The shelves are a complete mess right now… I can’t wait to get some baskets or something to organize it all with.


Diaper Stacker



On top of her open dresser shelves project I have yet to finish. If the snow ever goes away in enough time, all we need to do is cut the wood to fit in to create the shelves! And then I’ll be covering them with this beautiful self-adhesive shelf liner I snagged at Marshall’s for about $6! We are putting green baskets in to make the rug come alive a little more and to bring the greens out in her room so the purple isn’t so overpowering. 🙂


This is one of my favorite outfits ever. It’s something I would wear, in miniature form!


Closet! We got stackable organizer shelves from Walmart. They were really easy to put together. My mom and I found the baskets at Gabriel Brother’s for eith $7 or $9 for a pack of large, medium and small! In the baskets I have socks, hats, headbands, receiving blankets, misc blankets, and gowns.




I just had to go ahead and put this little guy together. So sweet. Our friends Ashley and Justin got this for our baby shower. It also turns into a toddler seat!


Can’t forget the mobile!! It plays the cutest little tune, too.


Some of my uncle’s family, who is also close to our/my mother’s family, came to the shower and this was one of the gifts from an older couple in the family.  They recently got into a very bad car accident and when I rediscovered this today while taking these pictures my heart broke all over again, because they are just such good people and really need some prayers/good vibes right now.

SO there is our nursery for now. Everything is ready for her, I’m just picky and tedious and want to do a little bit more with it. Hey, I’m home all day and a DIY expert… why not? 🙂


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