So we finally finished some of the things we needed to get done for the nursery! I got my shelves projects done – FINALLY!!! Brian took a trip to Lowe’s the other day and came back with some board for us to cut πŸ™‚ We got it all done yesterday and it looks so lovely.

Basically for this project I wanted to redo this old chest of Brian’s since we were getting new furniture for our bedroom. To transform it I…

– gutted the drawers & tracks (the drawers are now under the bed pull-out storage for our shoes!)
– took off the back panel & took out all of the annoying little staples
– sanded it
– primed it
– painted it!
– I scored this awesome self-adhesive shelf liner that I may or may not have mentioned before in a previous post or two, and covered the back panel with it.
– nailed the back panel back on
– FINALLY got some boards for the shelves! & cut them to size
– covered them with the pretty shelf liner as well
– nailed those suckers in there
– add pretty baskets & voila…




I haven’t painted or covered the left/right insides of it because we had painted lots of things at the time I painted this and I was soooo sick of painting! I will probably end up painting it eventually though because I know it will look a lot nicer. πŸ™‚

I’m going to add some ribbon and cute labels to the baskets! I’m so excited my little project is finished. :’)


In other Nursery News, we have finally got all of her clothes sizes newborn to 3 months washed and a lot of 6-9 months, and very few 12 months washed. The rest are still hung up but we aren’t going to wash them til we need to. I ended up hanging up all of her clothes for the most part.. yes, including onesies and sleepers. πŸ™‚ It might not be totally necessary.. but I don’t care. I’m a new mom, I’m allowed to be “ridiculous” right? πŸ˜‰



Baby girl has so many cute clothes.. lots of it family and friends have bought us. I’m so grateful that we have so many wonderful people surrounding us with so much love and excitement! We really are blessed. ❀


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