I’m Autumn!

I’m a photographer!

I’m in a relationship with Brian.

On July 21st, we found out about a little jelly bean shacking up in my uterus!


Some facts about me/us:

I am crazy about anything DIY, no matter the material or how easy/hard the project is!

That also means I’m a craft nut. I’m one of those young people you could mistake for a grandma if you took a look into my storage shelves – too many crafting supplies.. all kinds! 😀

I’m 20, 21 in October. Yes, baby was a surprise, but we have lots of support from both of our families, and everyone is super excited.

We are from/living in Kentucky. Yeah, Brian’s pretty much the hardworking handyman you’d expect to get from the country. As for me, I was homeschooled for most of my school years and therefore avoided any sort of country stereotype. I can, however, learn to build basically anything if you teach me (for instance, 75% of my house!).

Our baby’s due date is March 13th, 2013.

Some of my hobbies, besides DIY/crafting include playing guitar, singing, reading, naps (yes, I do it often enough that I believe I can consider it a hobby – at least once a day… the hobby I’m most dedicated to!), baking occasionally, hair/nails/makeup, drawing, and collecting cameras (mostly old/vintage).

If you’d like to visit my photography page on Facebook, there is a link over there on the right sidebar. If you’d like to visit my website, it’s Autumn Horton Photography.


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