Crochet Projects

I figured even though I use Pinterest to keep up with all the crochet projects I think are awesome, or would love to do, I know I will never do everything in that board. Honestly there are like, 73 pins and I’m always adding to it. So since I have all this time on my hands waiting for Mads to get here next month, I will make a list of 5 projects that I’d like to do before she gets here! I like setting small goals for myself!

crochet baby turban... i just love how sweet this baby looks.

I’m absolutely, 100% in love with this and that freaking baby is so DARN CUTE. My heart melts every time I see her sweet little smile. :’) I’m dying to make Maddie one of these, I’m just having a hard time picking the color/s I wanna use. Picture credit


What a cute idea for a coin purse or a little travel craft bag, huh? I would like to even try making a plush to sit in Maddie’s room/crib! ๐Ÿ™‚Pinterest credits this photo to

Ravelry: Owl mug cozy pattern.

I’ve recently gotten into making mug cozies and would like to start selling them on Etsy. That’s another goal I have! To actually stock up my Etsy really well and sell lots of things! ๐Ÿ™‚ This little owl is just so darling.ย Photo creditย

love everything about this

I just want to make one of these squares. I’m too impatient for granny squares or working in the round (I really burned myself out on it a while back :(), but this is absolutely the most gorgeous granny square I have ever seen! I want these exact colors! I think I would end up loving it so much I would have to make some sort of bigger project out of it, even though I hate g-squares along with switching colors. haha I’m lazy >_> Picture credit

Knots and Thoughts: Crochet turban headband - FREE PATTERN

I am in LOVE with this turban headband. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! The only thing i hate about it is that each row would literally be around 120 stitches long and that would drive me nuts. Jeez, I need to loosen up a bit about crochet projects. I will never grow if I don’t! But any way, I ended up getting too excited and made my own sort of turban ear warmer/headband last night when I couldn’t sleep. I finished it in about an hour.. I think I may end up putting it on my Etsy actually. I’m not a big ear warmer fan and I didn’t make the one I actually wanted to make to avoid the long ass chain/rows haha. I’m gonna suck it up though and make this exact one.. it’s too pretty to pass up! Picture credit

So guys, wish my luck! Perhaps I will be less lazy and take some photos as I finish these, as well as some projects I’ve already finished. ๐Ÿ™‚